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Talpex Type mole trap

Talpex type traps are widely used by British mole catchers. They are easy to use and robust. We only sell traps manufactured and of French quality. This investment will allow you to have at your disposal traps of very good quality.

No need to buy on Amazon or to have cheaper traps that come from China and are of mediocre quality. Why pay for more expensive traps of the same or inferior quality.

Before using Putange mole traps we used Talpex. We decided to go to Putange but we can guarantee that if you want to continue trapping moles with our Talpex type traps you will not be disappointed by their quality.

You can buy our "Talpex type" traps at the bottom of the homepage. Trust us they will not disappoint you !!!

Talpex images

Talpex Trap
Talpex Trap


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Putange Key
Putange Key

Putange Tool
Setting tool

Putange Triggers

Orange markers
Orange Markers

Orange markers
Talpex mole trap