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PUTANGE Mole Traps

The best mole traps in France since centuries.

Easy to use, robust and cheap. You will be enchanted. We offer different packages to meet your needs.

Each trap purchased will be accompanied by its trigger.

All products are made in France.

All prices include post & packing

Please leave a telephone number when ordering for the courier's use.

We are all facing problems with mole infestation. In our garden, our vegetable garden, our pastures, .... The molehills are more and more present. Moles are brave animals but we would be much better without seeing them proliferate here.

How to solve this problem of moles? Do you live in Sussex or Surrey? Hampshire? Looking for a good mole catcher? Call us!!! You will find a good mole catcher !! We will put all our years of experience at your service to trap, control and kill the moles that poison your existence.

We locate the moles and trap them using traditional trapping methods, methods that are clean, environmental and above all that do not cause the moles to suffer unnecessarily.

Our secret? A good knowledge of the way of life of the moles and especially an excellent control of Putange mole traps which instantaneously kill this animal which deserves our respect.

You are mole catcher and you are looking for a mole trap that's easy to use. You are right. Do not use traps that needlessly hurt moles. This animal deserves our respect. Let's stay human !!!

Opt for the Putange traps. Death is instantaneous. No need to hurt this animal that we trappers we must respect. By using the Putange traps you will respect the sensitivity of your customers, yourself and you will earn money because the trap Putange is robust. It will be faithful to you for many years until you lose him.

The Putange mole traps we sell have been tested and approved by APMC since January 18, 2018.

Putange trap + Trigger

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Packages Disponibility Prices Buy
10 traps + 10 triggers YES 19.50
20 traps + 20 triggers YES 36.00
50 traps + 50 triggers YES 83.00
100 traps + 100 triggers YES 160.00
10 traps + 10 triggers + 1 key YES 25.50
20 traps + 20 triggers + 1 key YES 42.00
50 traps + 50 triggers + 1 key YES 89.00
10 traps + 10 triggers + 1 setting tool YES 21.50
20 traps + 20 triggers + 1 setting tool YES 38.00
50 traps + 50 triggers + 1 setting tool YES 85.00
10 spare triggers YES 4.00
50 orange plastic markers YES 20.00
1 key for Putange traps YES 9.00
1 setting tool for Putange traps YES 7.00
5 Talpex Type traps YES 33.00
10 Talpex Type traps YES 60.00

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Putange Key
Putange Key

Putange Tool
Setting tool

Putange Triggers

Orange markers
Orange Markers

Orange markers
Talpex mole trap